April 27, 2017: Whiskey Korner

I walked into the office this morning in Kiev.  Max ran out mid-morning for some errand but brought back croissants from Lviv Croissants, a local bakery chain.  It was smoked salmon, very good.

Salmon on Croissant from Lviv Croissant

This afternoon, Dominica and the girls came into the office. Anton had gotten them presents for Ciana’s birthday, Lego sets! The girls were so excited. Anton’s wife came into the office, too.

Once everyone had arrived, we took an Uber to the local metro station and Dominica and the girls got to experience a lesser, but still really impressive deep Kiev metro station with the crazy escalators that go way, way down into it.

We went to a whiskey restaurant across town that was really good. While there the girls got more stuff and played all through dinner. We had a really nice time and Max arrived later on, as well. A fun way to celebrate Luciana’s birthday. Something very unique. She turned four in Spain, five in Kosovo and six in Ukraine! She will have such stories to tell.

Luciana the Birthday Girl at Dinner
Liesl at Ciana’s Birthday Dinner

The Whiskey Korner was great.  We all had a wonderful evening, and so much whiskey.

The Gange at the Whiskey Korner

It was a great evening.  We were all tired when we got back home.  I found out tonight that my cousin Gwen and her husband Mike bought a home in New York and have moved there.  That was quite a surprise.  We just saw them, days before moving to Italy, and they were settling in nicely in Ohio.  Very surprised to find them in New York, of all places.