May 10, 2017: Kicking Off New Projects

Today I got my desk set up enough and a wired connection for me to use here in the Texas house and now I am getting twice the Internet speeds that I was getting before.  So much better.

We spent most of the morning without power as Rachael had not dealt with paying the power bill.  So we had a fun morning of trying to figure out how to get that turned back on.  This is going to be fun.

I got my office phone set up in the winter office, so I can easily make and take calls now.  Very handy.

I also set up a desk phone for Dominica.  The girls practiced using it to call dad, too.

I installed openSuse Tumbleweed on the desktop that Michael had given to me while I was in New York.  So now I have a full, working desktop in my winter office at the standing desk.  It is pretty nice.

I had tuna salad sandwiches for lunch today.

It is all of the little things today.  After lunch I set up the nVidia Shield so that we can watch movies through it.

Salads for dinner.  Then Sean and David came over to work at the house this evening.  They brought wine so we got to hang out.

Ended up installing Korora 25 on my desktop tonight.  I’m testing a few things out to try to see what I end up liking the best.

We ended up working until four in the morning!