May 13, 2017: Weekend in Texas

Saturday.  Our first weekend in the Dallas home.  The house is getting back into shape and it is feeling decently livable at this point.  The girls’ room is looking good and they are really enjoying having their space again and loads of toys.  They are quiet and off on their own nearly all of the time.  They are so much more able to entertain themselves when here at the house.

We went nowhere today.  I spent much of the day just working in the office.  Mostly focused on updating website content today.  I’m so thankful for having my own office again.  It is so comfortable to be able to work in here.  It is quiet and I have a good desktop setup.  It has been years since I had a good ability to work like this.

I will be gone in Louisiana all next week, so this is my only down time here at the house until next weekend.

I did some web work with Dominica today.  We spent most of the day hanging out.