May 16, 2017: VeeamOn in NOLA

Today is the beginning of VeeamOn in New Orleans.  The welcome party is this evening, so my day was spent getting caught up on MangoLassi and Spiceworks.  I was in the hotel nearly all day.  A good chance to chill.  I got plenty of sleep and it was nice to have some quiet time.

At the conference this evening I picked up my badge, which is pretty awesome as I got a sponsorship spot.  And the welcome party was really cool.  Loads of music and entertainers and the venue was set up and themed like different parts of New Orleans.  The food and drinks were amazing.

I ended up eating dinner with Thomas Reed, just someone that I sat at a table with and introduced myself to.  Turns out that he is my neighbour from back in Carrollton.  We live an easy walk from each other!  What a small world.  So we have each other’s contact info and will be keeping in touch.  Funny that I came to New Orleans and the very first person that I meet is my neighbour from Dallas!

I really enjoyed the opening party.  Not wild, but well done and fun.  This is a big conference, but not so big as to be an endless sea of people like Dell World or something like that.  I like conferences smaller than that. This seemed like a good size.  Big enough to have loads to do, but small enough to meet people.

I’m really enjoy quiet nights to myself in the hotel, too.  Watching some Mexican television and having some down time.

Hyatt Place Convention Center NOLA