May 17, 2017: Main Conference Day

Today was the first “real” day of the VeeamOn conference in New Orleans.  Last night was the welcome party and today the sessions and stuff get underway.

The main ballroom this morning for the opening ceremony was so packed that I did not manage to get a seat and instead sat on the floor, leaned up against the right side wall.  I have my Chromebook with me, which is awesome.  I am so glad that I have this.  This is the best travel and conference tool, ever.  It is so small and light, it is like I am carrying a tablet around with me.  But with a full keyboard and mouse support.  And with a fourteen hour battery life I don’t have to worry about it dying on me.  I can use it the entire day and still have loads of battery left.  This is amazing.

The conference went well today.  Attended some sessions, spent time talking to people out on the floor, ran into Alex that used to work for NTG, hung out with Calvin for a while, and had loads of good food and drinks at the conference.  It was a fun day.

After the conference, we went to Bourbon Street for a night out with the industry leaders in storage.  Tons of heavy hitters all together for drinks and dinner.

John Nicholson and Scott Alan Miller on Bourbon Street
Calvin Zito and Scott Alan Miller on Bourbon Street
Storage Dinner on Bourbon Street

We had a great time. Loads of good food and good bourbon.  I even had bourbon made by a distant cousin!