May 2, 2017: Lunch on the Dnieper

Tuesday.  Three days left in Kiev.  I walked into the office again this morning.  Worked for a while.  Then Anton, Max, and I went out for a drive along the river and went to a water front restaurant there for lunch.

Max at Lunch Along the Dnieper
Having Lunch Along the Dnieper

Blankets are a common thing in this part of the world at restaurants.  We first encountered them a year ago when we were living in Romania and had taken a trip down to Montenegro for a few days.  It comes, I can only imagine, from a culture that wants to be outside and get fresh air, but is often in colder climates so accomodations have to be made.

Being on the river, of course fish is the obvious choice.

Fish Along the Dnieper

Lunch was awesome.  Everything in Kiev seems to be.  We had such a nice time lounging by the river.  Really beautiful spot and great food.  It was super quiet.  There was a private birthday party going  on at the venue but it was not down on the river so we could not even hear them.  We had the place to ourselves.  There was a priest in the news this morning for having done something involving millions and millions of dollars and we actually ended up parking next to him at the restaurant.  Small world.

Tonight, back home in the evening, I broke up the bottle of sambuca that I had gotten from the grocery store the other day.

Today I ordered my new Google Chromebook.  It is the Asus C201 that I managed to get from Amazon for just $179.  It is being shipped to dad’s place so it might even be there when we arrive later in the week.  I have been really wanting a Chromebook for a long time and I know that I am going to be attending VeeamOn in New Orleans very soon and I need a small, long battery life laptop with me when I do that so that I can stay connected and productive while I am there.  A Chromebook seems like it will be just what I need.  I am quite excited.