May 3, 2017: Ice Cream and McD’s in Kiev

Wednesday.  Walked into the office this morning.  Only today and tomorrow left here in Kiev before we travel back to the United States.  Our time is up.

Nearly available in the office is an ice cream machine.  So for lunch today, after having a croissant, we had ice cream.

Scott with Ice Cream
Max with Ice Cream in the Office

I did my regular pre-travel uploading off all of my last images off of my phone today.

After work today, it was late but not ridiculously late, so I swung into the McDonald’s which is just down the street from the apartment and is right on my way home.  They have been asking for it for weeks and it was so easy.  So I brought that home and everyone is happy.  We seem to always get McDonald’s once, just before we leave a country.