June 16, 2017: Playground Again

I got up and worked all morning.  It is Friday.  The week of heat is continuing.  We’ve had nearly a full week of three digit heat index.

This afternoon the girls and I went out to the playground again.  This time we went to Taco Bell first so that I would have food to eat while they were there.  A better use of my time.

It was super hot again, but once they acclimated to the heat, both girls had a great time.  They recognized friends from yesterday and were playing with them straight away.  And they already knew about the water fountain, so we used that for the entire time.

It was not as busy today as it was yesterday.  Must be because it is Friday.  Towards the end, we were the only ones there.  But we got sun and air and exercise.  The girls were worn out and ready to head home when we were done.

Shawn and Rachel moved back in today.  Technically Rachel never left, but she basically left.  But now she’s back.  Or at least, technically back.  And Hyde, Shawn’s dog, has moved in as well.  So we saw them some today, but Rachel had band practice in Grapevine so was gone pretty much all evening and Shawn had to work.  The girls are very excited that there is a dog in the house.

Netflix’s original sitcom The Ranch‘s third season released today so we sat down and between all of the interruptions that we normally get around here, we managed to make it through one and a half episodes of it before it was time to go to bed.  Maybe we will get to watch some of it tomorrow.