June 17, 2017: Binging the Ranch Season Three

Saturday.  Today was working on the Borntrager US website and binge watching the third season of The Ranch that had released last night.  We only barely managed to get started on the show yesterday so had nearly nine episodes to watch today.  The entire season is only ten episodes.

Liesl spent the whole day with Hyde, the dog that has moved in with us.  She made him a blanketed space in the living room and spent the whole day sharing the blanket with him on the floor.  She loved it.  They had a great time snuggling together and playing her Nintendo 3DS.  She is still addicted to Tomodachi Life or whatever that is.  She has been playing it nearly all week, although it is really Luciana’s game.

Dominica made egg sandwiches for lunch today.  Then in the afternoon she whipped up home made cinnamon rolls.  Not a huge batch like last time, just a smaller one this time so that we could eat it all in one day and not try to save any for tomorrow because they are so much better on the first day.  Not a kind of food that you want to save.

Rachel and Shawn were in and out today, but mostly out.  They both had Father’s Day activities elsewhere and Shawn had to work tonight.

I am on day nine of my streak with DuoLingo.  I’m working really hard on my Spanish.  I completed the Italian course over the winter.  The Spanish one is much larger; it is the most popular course on DuoLingo.  So getting through this is so much more effort.

I played some Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing with the girls.  We have nearly “beaten” the game for the second time after the game got totally reset on us.  We are just a few races away from earning back every track, driver and song that is available.

Tonight Dominica and I watched Tina Fey’s movie Whiskey Tango Foxtrot from a few years ago that is now available on Netflix.  It is a biographical story of a reporter that went to Afghanistan in 2003.

It was one when we finally headed off to bed.