June 18, 2017: Father’s Day

Sunday and Father’s Day.  I was the first one up at eight, Dominica got up not long afterwards.  I spent the morning working on my DuoLingo practice.  With my Spanish, it now takes over twenty lessons per day just to maintain my current level!  That’s exhausting, but boy can I tell that I am improving.

The girls got up around ten.  Luciana came first to my office to give me a father’s day card that she made.  Liesl gave me hers half an hour later.

It’s another hot day today, heat index close to 110.  It has been a very hot week.

Liesl (with Dominica’s help) made me breakfast this morning, like she did on my birthday.  It was cinnamon toast, which is her one meal that she knows how to make special.  It was very tasty.

Liesl and Rachel had “band practice” today.  It’s been six months since they last did that.  Liesl and Luciana were so excited that they painted their nails in band colours.

Liesl and I played Overcooked today on Steam for a while and did incredibly well. Today might be our most successful day of knocking out three stars on levels.  We probably completed at least five levels!  We are experts at that game, now.  Of course, we have about fifty five hours of game time on it, too.  So we have definitely practiced.

We ended up taking a break and playing Overcooked again later.  Today was our best results day of all time completely loads of levels and unlocking the six tier of levels.  Liesl and I playing alone managed to get three stars (the top ranking) on a few of the hard levels on our very first try!

Shawn took Hyde to his parents’ place this afternoon.  We will be without the dog for at least several days.

Rachel left to drive down to Austin this afternoon.  Shawn had to work but left around midnight to drive down as well. So we have an empty house for a few days, again.

Dominica and I watched a little 30 Rock before going to bed at a mostly reasonable time.