June 24, 2017: The Girls Try Virtual Reality Gaming

Saturday.  Woke up this morning and it is still raining from last night.  But not so heavy that the atrium flooded again.

Dominica made scrambled eggs this morning.

Sean came over today and we got him built with Korora 25 on his laptop.

Luciana played Minecraft today.  Liesl played Don’t Starve.

Sean brought over his Samsung VR rig today and the girls had so much fun playing it.  They set up on the big chair in the living room and gamed for hours.

Luciana Playing Samsung Virtual Reality
Liesl Playing Samsung Virtual Reality

Sean and I made tater tots for dinner, a huge bowl of them.  It was awesome.  Liesl ran in and stole as many tater tots as she could get from us.

Sean and I watched Teresa tonight to practice our Spanish.