June 29, 2017: No SpiceCorps for Me

Thursday. This morning I took the kids to the playground as it was pretty nice out.  They love their time on the playgrounds.

I got Taco Bell on the way home from the playground.

I had a local SpiceCorps DFW event planned in Carrollton tonight, pretty close to the house.  So I went out in the late afternoon and tried to attend.  I got to the location but there was a line out the door and a sea of people there at the venue and there was all kinds of security and when I asked there was no SpiceCorps.  I was not allowed into the building except on some crazy tour.  So I guess there was no meeting, I just went back home.  There was no sign, nothing to suggest that there might be a meeting and no way for me to go into the building.

I made cheesy tots for the kids tonight.  Then Dominica and I watched more 30 Rock.

The kids played a bunch of Battleblocks Theater tonight.