June 30, 2017: Luciana Snuggles

Friday. Started the day doing Zimbra update work.  MangoLassi was super busy today, so that kept me working for a while.  I actually stayed up “last night” and did not go to bed until six o’clock this morning!

Luciana sneaked into our room this morning and climbed into bed.  I had only gotten about three hours of sleep before that, so that made falling back asleep and getting a few more hours a lot easier.

The entire day was so busy for MangoLassi that I really never got a chance to do anything else.  I did manage to get an article out today, that was good.  Later in the day actually got another article out and scheduled.  Lots of writing has been going on!

The girls and I played Minecraft together while watching the Dick Van Dyke show.

Late tonight we got surprised by a thunderstorm.