June 3, 2017: More Atrium Flooding

Saturday.  I woke up at five this morning to the crack of incredibly loud thunder.  It brought me right out of my sleep and in a panic I ran into the “summer office”, which is Liesl’s old bedroom, and checked on the atrium.  Sure enough, the rain was pouring down and the atrium was filling up with water and the house was about to flood.  Someone was surely watching over us to have the thunder and rain be so loud that it brought me out of a sound sleep!  That never happens.  I literally cannot remember a time that thunder like that woke me up and certainly never rain.  Had this been even five minutes later, the house would have flooded!

I ran into the atrium in nothing but my boxers and started working desperately with the rake to get the drain clear.  I was in extremely deep water and when I finally cleared the drain, the water rose like a fountain from the back pressure of air escaping the drainage system.  I cannot believe how fortunate we were that I woke up and was able to clear the drain when I did.  We almost had a major disaster this morning.

I showered, and got back into bed.  I managed to sleep about three more hours.

I got up around nine and had to make myself coffee.  Making my own coffee? That never happens.

I watched Tropic Thunder today.  I was not expecting much but it was actually pretty decent.  Great cast, for the most part.

With Dominica away for two weeks, I have ever curtain and blind in the house open.  It is bright and sunny.  I always am shocked by how much I love this house when it is in full sunlight.  It is a gorgeous house and so open.  It makes me so happy to have it opened up and filled with light and to have views to look out onto.  I really forget what it is like.

I made myself fish sticks for dinner.  It is going to be a rough culinary fortnight.

I have decided that with everything that we have going on that not getting enough sleep is going to be a very bad thing.  I need to be well rested or I am going to succumb to stress and likely get sick.  So while the family is away I am going to attempt going to bed early, like a normal, responsible adult.  Tonight, I am in bed at eleven.  This feels really early, but I am a bit tired, probably from getting up to deal with the atrium flooding situation last night, so I was able to get to sleep even going to bed so early.