July 17, 2017: Last Day Before Driving to New York

Monday, our first full day with the Grice kids here.  The house was crazy all day.  Although they really did all do a good job of entertaining each other.  So other than being loud and running around like maniacs, they were pretty much out of the way all day.  Which was good as there is so much that we needed to do today.

Our first order of business was normal work, which was super busy.  And dealing with some house stuff today.  The house in Peekskill goes onto the market tomorrow, officially.  We are super excited about that.  The AC froze up on the house today, which is a big problem.  Apparently the renters are not aware of how an air conditioner works and have been driving it a bit too hard.  So we were dealing with that today, too.  We have lots of laundry and packing to do since we want to leave first thing in the morning tomorrow.

And I ended up having several calls this morning as we try to deal with all of the things for MangoCon.

I had to get an oil change for the Nissan today so that it is ready for the drive tomorrow.  The place that we use is basically next door, so that was easy and I appreciated the break to my day that it gave me.  Fifteen minutes of just relaxing and doing my DuoLingo lessons.  Thirty nine day streak on Spanish now!  And day two of Mango Languages Spanish as well.  I’m glad that I found that.

While getting the oil changed we learned that the Frontier FIOS was moved to the new house and that Rachel was going to come to get the router from the house this afternoon.  Um, just a little bit of a problem there.  That the service and the hardware was going to leave the house was just a little bit of a surprise.  We had no idea that that was going to happen, we thought that both were part of the house and no idea that they would move.  Argh.  So in a panic I had to run home and deal with getting Internet service switched over to us.

Because we are leaving first thing in the morning, we were unable to do anything about the Internet today.  So that is actually going to get turned on on August 1st, when we get back to Dallas.  So we have to time our return trip for that to work out.  What a pain.  So much to go wrong while we try to deal with that.

And, of course, we had to switch over the power, too.  That I was able to get scheduled for first thing tomorrow morning.  So, in theory, that will be all transparent and we will not need to be home to deal with that part.  Fingers crossed.  So much “stuff” to handle and, of course, it has to coincide with us needing to travel to New York for MangoCon.  How many things could all be happening at the same time.

Dominica took all four of the kids to one of the Carrollton splash parks today.  They had a great time.  Luciana tells me that this one is not as nice as the one that we took them to last time, however.

Early bed time here tonight.  We have a long drive to do tomorrow.