July 18, 2017: Driving Four Kids to New York

Today is the day, we are driving to New York.  We got up early as there are a lot of kids to get ready.  And, just as we were about to go out the door, we had Luciana lose a tooth!

We took out the trash before getting on the road and discovered that some of the boxes that we had been storing in the garage have disappeared.  We have no idea where they have gone.  Maybe they are in the attic.  Maybe they are buried.  Maybe someone took them.  We have no idea.  We aren’t sure what was there which makes it extra hard.

On the Road to New York

We grabbed Taco Bell as we were heading out to get onto the road.

It was a long day of driving and we ended up doing pretty well and decided to just push ahead.  We were planning to stop tonight if we got tired, but I did well enough that we decided that we would just keep going.  So we drove through the night.