August 2, 2017: The Girls Get a New Room

Wednesday.  We are so excited that our new weed whacker has arrived today.  It might sound like a trivial thing, but we have been suffering from lawn issues for a while and now that we are back and living in our Texas home we need to take care of the lawn and in order to do that we need some device for cutting it and until now, we have not owned one.  We ordered a Black and Decker battery powered rechargeable weed whacker from Amazon on Monday and it arrived today.  Only about $79 for the entire unit.  We could not use it today, though, because it needed to be charged up.  The real test of it will be tomorrow.

Today is a special day for us.  Today is the first full day of us living in our Texas home with the house to ourselves, just the family without roomates, since October of 2013.  Almost four full years we have been either away from the house, not all living in it or have been sharing it with someone.  It is hard to believe that this whole house is ours, we have all of this space now!

Yesterday and today we worked on cleaning up the back bedroom, the one that we used to call Luciana’s room because Liesl had always claimed the front bedroom, the one across the hall from the master suite.  When we returned from Europe the girls decided that they wanted to use the back bedroom as it is a little larger but Rachel was already moved in there and did not want to move so we let her stay.  But now that she is gone the girls are anxious to get to move into it.

So after a few more runs of the Roomba (our main vacuum is dead as the belt is burned out from all of the hair on the floor) the room was pretty clean and this morning we moved the girls’ bed and dresser into the room and let them start moving in.  They are so excited. They have been waiting months to get to move in there. The bed is in the back corner to give them maximum space and the dresses (the one that we just brought back from New York) is by the window.  Eventually we will get a television mounted on the wall in there but there are a bit of logistics that need to be done because we can do that.  We really want to paint the room as well, but that just has to wait.  Right now it is a horrible dark brown that makes no sense. And it was painted in a single pass so even for being a bad colour, it looks horrible.  The girls are excited to get it painted to a light blue that they have picked out.

Getting the kids into their new room gives us a chance to swing the mess out of the old one into that one so that we can do more house cleaning.  We are slowly going to get the house in order.  There is so much to do after years of neglect.  We are having fun having our own house back, though, evenwith all of the work that is needed.  It has been so long since we were able to work on this house and make it our own.  Now we have to do it all over again.  So much to do.