August 3, 2017: Finally Mowing the Lawn

Thursday.  The weed whacker is charged today and so we gave it a go.  It was a bit exhausting but overall it went well and I am very happy with the battery powered weed whacker that we go.  Very easy to use and very compact.  It doesn’t have as much power as other options would have, but it is cutting the weeds with some effort and it makes me more able to go out and actually attack the lawn than I would otherwise be able to do.  So, overall, I am quite happy.

I mowed, with Dominica outside watching me, until the battery died which let me do about a quarter of the front lawn.  It will take several passes before we catch up with things.  But this is not indicative of how it will be in the future. Right now I am spending all of my time taking out huge weeds that have grown up.  That will not be such a problem in the future.  But it is going to take a week of this to work through them now.

The weed whacker is lighter than I thought that it was going to be which is nice given that it is my only form of mowing the lawn.

Tonight the girls and I played The Book of Unwritten Tales and we finally made it to the very end of the game.  We played all of Chapter Five tonight.  What an awesome game.  It has been many years since the last time that we played it.  I think that Luciana was likely only two last time!  She wants to play it again now with her controlling it instead of Liesl.  They both loved it and I had forgotten what a fun story the game had, although all of the game was familiar to me.  To me, it was a recent game.  To them, it was in the murky mists of their memories.

We also fired up the first ten minutes or so of the prequel game The Book of Unwritten Tales: The Critter Chronicles which we played right after the original game many years ago but the girls do not remember at all.  They are very excited to get to play this one, too.

I really like these games and it is nostalgic for me not only to go through the stories of the games all over again, but also to play them with my girls as we had played them together so many years ago (I believe when we were living in Peekskill in 2013 or 2014.)  We have certainly gotten a lot of value out of this series.  And I am realy looking forward to getting to play the third title in the series because that is the new one that none of us have ever seen. So for the first time it will be more of the story to enjoy and not just playing the old story over again.