August 23, 2017: Starting a New COO Position

Wednesday.  Today is meetings day.  Since I was away this whole week in Missouri I have a lot of catching up to do.  Had to be up early this morning, after my long day of driving yesterday, so that I can get to them.

Today’s meetings went well and I am now the COO of RedLogik from Qatar and I will be heading out to Phoenix, Arizona very soon to interview and get a feel for the crew, see what they have been working on , evaluate the staff and condition of things.  So this is relatively exciting.  A new startup, I’ve been away from startups for a couple of years.  Now I’m heading up both IT (CIO) and development (CTO) in a combined role where I’m overseeing every aspect of the company.  So it’s a COO role, eventually I will hopefully have a CTO and CIO under me.

So today was an interesting day.  We will see what all of this brings in the future.  This is my second serious COO position of the year.  The other one I turned down several weeks ago on ethical and professional grounds.  This one is pretty risky, very much a start up without solid funding, but seems to have real potential.  We will see after my time in Arizona.

This evening, Liesl did not want to go out, but Luciana did.  So Luciana and I went out for a long walk just the two of us.