August 26, 2017: What Distro to Use

Saturday.  I woke up this morning and a child had fallen asleep across my legs so I was trapped and unable to get out of bed for a while.

Today I had a gecko running around the office, he actually climbed onto my Chromebook and hung out on it for a very long time.  This is funny because my main computer runs Gecko Linux.  But the real gecko is on my Chromebook.  Well, I thought that it was funny, anyway.

Liesl got up right away this morning and went straight to the Steam machine so that she could play more XCOM.  She is loving that game.

Dominica made a full breakfast for everyone this morning.

I did a lot of SAMIT YouTube videos today.  They will be posting for a while.

I didn’t eat all day, after the big breakfast, until after midnight when I fried up some veggie burgers for myself.  I’ve learned out to pan fry them and make them really delicious.

At one in the morning, Dominica actually decided to do some house cleaning.

A lot of my day was spent researching what I want to use as a desktop.  I have been using Gecko Linux and I really like it, but it is not quite what I want. I really liked Korora but support seems to be way too slow for it.  Solus lacks some features that I need, namely SodiumSuite support.  Deepin looks really intriguing.  Fedora desktop is getting a lot of love these days, too.