August 25, 2017: Hurricane Starting to Decent on Houston

Friday.  For me it was a relatively normal work morning. For me, right now, that means a focus on social media stuff like MangoLassi and Spiceworks.  I’m in a holding pattern as I’m just starting this new COO position in the logistics industry for a company in the Middle East and I am just waiting for my flight out to Phoenix to interview the staff and see how well they are doing. So after our crazy spring and summer, now this is where we are, but for a Friday when I’ve not really gotten into the office yet, there is not too much to focus on so I am keeping on with my posting habits for now.

This morning Liesl started playing XCOM on her own.  She has been loving watching me play and wants to do it herself.  This is not an easy game and it is really impressive that she is able to play it!

By late afternoon the rain from the hurricane was already hitting western Houston hard and they are calling it a disaster before the hurricane itself even gets to them.

I did some work on my YouTube channel today, as well.

So mostly we are watching the news from Houston to see what is happening with everyone there.

I got to play some XCOM tonight, which is very fun and very involved.