September 12, 2017: SpiceCorps DFW

DuoLingo Streak: 10 Days

Tuesday.  My Spanish is noticeably improving.  Between keeping up on DuoLingo again, after having to take several weeks off, and doing Mango Languages, I am starting to get somewhere.

Today was Apple’s big product announcement.  The iPhone 8 and the iPhone X were announced today.  But no iPhone 9, very confusing.  The new iPhone has some neat features and, of course, more power.  I’m not convinced, though, and the higher cost is just all the more reason that I feel that I have to be looking seriously at moving to Android, as much as iOS has been great to us.  The Asus ZenFones just look too good and at half the price of the iOS devices it is hard to resist.  We could get the girls brand new phones for as little as two hundred dollars and high end ones for ourselves at five or six hundred.  That is a significant annual savings over the iPhones and the dual SIM card feature is enormous for us.  iPhone really lags there.  Not to mention the Asus ZenWatch 3 is about half the price of the Apple Watch.  So the savings continue to add up.  And I could use real headphones. The iPhone 7 headphones are a pain and never worked properly for me.

This afternoon I got to deal with an outage on MangoLassi.  Turned out, after a bit of troubleshooting, to actually be an issue with the CloudFlare cache and not with ML at all.  But still very frustrating and ate up a lot of my evening ahead of SpiceCorps DFW.

As soon as the site was fixed I had to jump up, shower and run out the door to drive down to the south side of Dallas to find the SpiceCorps meeting.  Of course traffic was terrible and it took way longer to get down there than it should.  The meeting was at the offices of a large food distributor.  We got to see a presentation by the distributor on their use of G Suite for all of their core operations.  It was pretty good and interesting, they heavily use the suite so had some cool examples of ways that they were utilizing it for a range of communications tasks.

I spoke on a panel talking about MS Office 365 products and how it compares to G Suite.

Overall it was a good evening, nice group that got together.  About a dozen people, maybe even fourteen.

I got home around ten thirty, having stopped off at Taco Bell for dinner on the way home as I had gone all day without eating a meal.

When I put the girls to bed tonight we read the first half of the fifth Magic Treehouse book: Night of the Ninjas.  We get through five chapters on a normal evening.