September 17, 2017: Finishing the First Happy Potter

DuoLingo Streak: 15 Days

I must have been pretty run down, I fell asleep quickly last night around one in the morning and I did not wake up until almost ten!  I never sleep that long.  I got up, checked my messages, found no emergencies (which is a miracle) and fired up the Steam laptop to get it ready so that I could do something fun and relaxing today.  And then went into the office (the summer office, Liesl’s old room) and journaled for a bit.

Liesl got up at eleven thirty and we set up in the living room to play XCOM.  Our video game that we play together.  It amazes me how much she loves that game.  What a great game for us to be able to share.  She really understands the strategy and rules of it.  It’s great learning for her.

Dominica went out for a huge shopping trip this morning.  We are low on everything so she is hitting both groceries stores (Aldi and Walmart), and both dollar stores (big one for super cheap stuff, and Five Below for some Harry Potter themed candy to go with our literay adventures.)  It is good that Dominica enjoys going shopping alone because it helps her to fill her time wanting to get away from everyone and none of the rest of us want anything to do with going shopping.  So it works out well for everyone.

I played XCOM until nearly seven in the evening managing to get through several missions.  The game moves forward very slowly as it is quite had and I have to reload and play much of it over and over again.  And it is extremely hard to concentrate on it as the girls insist on talking at me continuously for the entire time that I play.  So it is not as relaxing and focused as it seems.

At a quarter till seven, we switched to playing Overcooked with me and the girls.  Dominica hasn’t played any games with us in a long time.  We are past the main levels of Overcooked, so we are onto what seems like the final boss and the game is a bit different at this stage.  We played for over an hour until everyone was upset and frustrated as always happens with that game.

Liesl watched some YouTube videos for a while and Luciana took over the Steam machine to play Slime Rancher.

This evening was family reading time for many hours.  We did the last forty percent of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone tonight.  We worked really hard to get through it all before I had to leave and we made it.  We had a really good time reading it and the girls are loving the story.  They are really into the Harry Potter story now.  They can’t wait for me to get back and do the next book in the series.  We hope to start that next Saturday.