September 18, 2017: Returning to Phoenix

DuoLingo Streak: 16 Days

Monday.  Tonight I have to head off to Phoenix for the week.  This morning I got up and worked, but only for about an hour before Dominica kicked me out of the “summer office” because she needed it for her own work. So I was without a place to work.  I decided that I would play XCOM for a bit, thinking that Liesl would wake up and join me, but she never did.

I ended up getting more than two hours in on XCOM, which was great.  It was a fun, relaxing morning and I was really successful in the game, too.  Maybe my most successful batch of campaigns yet.  I had to fill Liesl in on all of the details as soon as she was awake.  She hates missing it when I play.

I worked a bit of today and relaxed some and tried to spend some time with the family when I could.  I leave tonight and will not see them again until Saturday morning.  A lot of packing going on today.

We left for the airport at eight thirty.  I got there and it was totally dead at the terminal.  No one in the check in line.  No one in the security line.  Almost no one at the gate.  So fast and easy.  I got right through security and then went to Blue Mesa for a drink and veggie burrito.  I ate slowly to kill some time, then went to the gate and relaxed.  Plenty of time.

Got on the flight and got a window seat, 11A and had an uneventful flight to Phoenix.  Just over two hours.

I arrived in Phoenix, got my bag, caught an Uber to the condo.  It was late, after midnight.  So Sujit had been waiting up just to let me in.  So we said hello and we both were off to bed within ten minutes of my arrival.  Much to do tomorrow.  Now I am in Phoenix safe and sound.