September 28, 2017: Surprises

DuoLingo Streak: 26 Days

I managed to sleep in until nine thirty.  Not really all that late considering that we were up until almost four in the morning reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets last night.  We have just four chapters left to go, I think.  I worked very hard to get us to the point that we would be able to finish the book tonight.  Tomorrow I leave town for two weeks, so this is our last chance to get through our bedtime reading.

We got some heavy rain last night, but it did not last long.  This morning when I got up we had a light rain coming down.  It is only seventy degrees here in Dallas this morning.

I did a lot of catching up on SGL today and currently my backlog is caught up through all of April now, and I am working on May.  That has been hard work, but I am feeling much better knowing that it is getting done.  I have loads of notes and pictures, so I have it all documented by not written out.

Of course I tried to relax today but never got a chance.  I even tried to play XCOM but never got to a point where I made any progress.  I had to quit before I could get to a new save point.  So my very short day of gaming was just lost.

This evening I had consulting work for the energy company to do on site up in Plano.  So my day was rather short as I had to get ready to go around five and by six was out the door.  I swung by the Taco Bell on Frankfort at the Dallas North Tollway to grab dinner on my way up to north Plano.

I was at the office for about four hours tonight, so a good, solid half day of work up there.  I really enjoy this kind of work and I really like this customer so it didn’t really feel like work.  I have always loved what I do.  And as we were able to complete one task after another and made great progress, fixed real things, and had loads of success it was way more fun than when there are all kinds of problems.

While I was at the site, however, I got some very troubling news about the new job in Phoenix that I am supposed to be leaving to go to tomorrow evening.  Enough news that I was pretty sure that we were not moving forward tomorrow and would need to change all of our life plans, again.  So that disrupted things pretty dramatically.

The rest of the evening and almost all of the night was spent trying to figure out what was going on, what was supposed to be going on, how this impacted other people, what we were going to do, etc.  I ended up on a conference call at three in the morning to go over everything and was on there until four thirty!  Talk about no sleep.  It was a very stressful night.

In the end, however, I think that things worked out very well, even better than we had been thinking that things were earlier in the day.  Maybe not, but we will see.  It is very hard to gauge the situation at this point.  We will just have to get to Phoenix and figure things out from there.  One way or another, however, the new adventure starts tomorrow night officially, so we need to get some sleep tonight so that I can get there tomorrow night.  I am going to be exhausted.

Jeremy, likewise, got no sleep tonight.  I at least will get to sleep in a little.  He pretty much has to stay up and go straight to his last day of work at his old job.  He does not wrap up until Friday evening and will likely have to drink at the office tomorrow.

It was nearly five when Dominica and I got to bed.