September 29, 2017: Last Day in Dallas

DuoLingo Streak: 27 Days

I did not sleep in as long as you would think, given that we did not get to bed until nearly five in the morning.  I was up before nine.  We have paperwork and stuff to do that needs to be tackled first thing this morning.

We are feeling much better today.  Yesterday was a rough one.  Today we are busy with packing and planning and figuring out how to adjust now that a few things have changed.  It is more likely now that I will be in Phoenix for three straight weeks.  Hopefully I will still get a break to go to Austin for SpiceWorld.

So today was a pretty short day.  Dominica and I spent a lot of time just talking over coffee. There is so much to figure out and so much unknown that we are going into.  Stressful, but exciting.

I am very sad that we did not manage to finish reading our Harry Potter book before I had to leave.  I worked so hard pacing that to be sure that we would finish it in time, and because we could not read it last night we didn’t make it.  One more good night of reading and we would have finished it up.  I was loving our bedtime reading time together.  That was so much fun.

It was at eight thirty that we left the house to drive me to the airport in Dallas.  We have this down to a science now.  I got dropped off at terminal E31, I gave my kisses and hugs to the family, and I gave my luggage to Spirit and I was off through security.

It only took a minute to get to my gate, E33, same as before.  I know exactly what to do, now.  I went to Blue Mesa and had a couple beers and a quesadilla.  I ended up talking to Phillip Glass from the movie Trophy which is in theaters now.  We probably spent an hour talking.  He was very interesting.  He was in Dallas for an interview and was just on his way back to his sheep ranch in west Texas.

After Phillip grabbed his flight, I spent some time with someone else who was waiting for a friend of his to join him so that they could car pool together.  He was in town for a personal growth seminar.

The flight was on time and an easy two hours tonight.  I had the middle seat between two women.  We all napped on the flight so only talked a little just before take off.

It was about twenty after eleven when I touched down in Phoenix, the same time that I had taken off from Dallas.  Had they gone any faster, I would have moved backwards in time!  I got my luggage, got my Uber and was off to the condo.  Sujit was already asleep when I got there so I had to wake him up to let me in.

I did “tomorrow’s” DuoLingo before falling asleep, but was asleep pretty quickly.  My big adventure in Arizona has begun.  Tomorrow is going to be a big day.  Jeremy was just starting to wake up to head to the airport when I was just getting ready to head to bed.

Already missing my family.  This is going to be a long month.