September 30, 2017: The Arizona Adventure Begins

DuoLingo Streak: 28 Days

I slept in as long as I could this morning, till a little after eight.  I was so tired getting into bed last night, but this is after ten to my internal clock so sleeping in any longer just was not going to happen.

Was at the condo for a bit, then Sujit and I went out to breakfast at a really cool south Indian vegetarian fast food place.  I got masala dosa and some tamarind rice, all excellent.  It was not that close to the condo, so the drive used up a bit of time.

From our late breakfast, it was already time to go to the airport and pick up Jeremy who had just landed as we started driving in that direction.  So the timing was nearly perfect for getting to it and getting him after he had picked up his luggage.

From the airport we drove to the condo, picked up my luggage, and then on to the Holiday Inn Express to drop us off for a few hours.  This gave us a little time to relax, do some work, I caught up on SGL which I had not yet posted from yesterday, and catch up.

At a quarter till five, we were picked up and went to the office.  This is Jeremy’s first time in the office.

We worked all evening in the office, which went really well.  It was just four of us and quite productive.  A really good introduction for Jeremy to the team and the vision and exactly what we are doing here.  And he was impressed with how nice and large the office is.

We worked until dinner time.  Then went to Star of India for dinner.  Jeremy really has not had Indian food before.  In college he tried it, but nothing like this.  This is really good, high end Indian cuisine.  He got a chicken tikka steak and loved it, and tried our curries as well and loved those.  He was very, very impressed.  Talked about how good the food was for hours.

Nearly ten when Sujit dropped us at the hotel.  Time to get started on the real work for the day.

This project is so much like the “good old days” when Andy and I went to Pittsburgh.  It is amazing how many similarities there are between that and this.

I managed to get caught up on SGL to the point that all of our time in Europe from this spring has been recorded.  I continue to make good progress on the back log of posts.