October 31, 2017: Driving to Houston for Halloween

DuoLingo Streak: 59 Days

Tuesday and Halloween.

Originally Sujit and I had planned to leave by eight this morning, but he rescheduled to nine thirty last night.  Then before eight this morning he texted me to tell me that he had just woken up and that he would let me know when he was ready to go.

So my morning went from “getting up early and getting right onto the road” to “sleeping in and having loads of time to just hang out around the house.”  It was not until after one that he finally picked me up and we got onto the road to drive down to Houston.

We had a decent drive, but we hit some rain on the way.  We got a late lunch at Burger King while fueling up along the road.  We pushed down and got to Kingwood, where the office is, just before six.  Traffic was just terrible.

I got a quick tour of the office, dropped off some stuff there, dropped off Sujit at his hotel where Naeem would take him from there, then I took the Nissan Rogue and drove down to Friendswood in the hopes of meeting up with the family before they were done with trick or treating.  The original plan was that I was going to arrive in Kingwood before one and Dominica was going to pick me up there, but we were so late that we barely made it by six and Dominica could not pick me up because it was Halloween and there was stuff to do so I would have been stranded all evening had I not borrowed the car to drive down.  As it was, the drive was over an hour and traffic was not good, so it was dark and well after seven when I got to the Grices’ new house.

I met Emily at the door as she was handing out candy to trick or treaters.  She called the family and let them know that I had arrived.  Dominica Telegrammed me her location and I set out on foot to catch up with them in the dark.  It really wasn’t too bad and I was able to catch up pretty quickly.

So I got to do half an hour or a little more of trick or treating with the girls.  Joe has an electric golf cart that he was driving around the neighbourhood which was pretty funny.  The girls got so much candy this year.  This is their biggest haul ever, by a long shot.

We got back home and the teens went out for their own trick or treating.  We hung out at the house with the kids.  It was a nice evening.

The Grices do not have school tomorrow so were able to stay up kind of late.  But Clara was in bed and asleep well before nine, being worn out from all of the walking.  The others stayed up for me to read a few chapters in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkeban which my girls have been waiting to finish for a week.

We were all in bed long before eleven.  I have no idea how we all ended up being so tired, but we are.  The kids and the adults were all worn out, even the teens were back and tired.  So the place was quiet quite early.