October 4, 2017: Fourteenth Anniversary

DuoLingo Streak: 32 Days

Marriage Streak: 14 Years

Wednesday.  Today is Dominica and my fourteenth wedding anniversary.  Jeremy and I started the day having breakfast at the Holiday Inn Express.  Then Vijay picked us up and we got a ride into the office.

A busy morning in our office and then we did a lunch out with Vijay at the Curry Bowl; Jeremy’s second time getting Indian cuisine and his first Indian buffet.  He enjoyed it very much.

Just heads down work all afternoon and back to the hotel on the early side, around four, to work from there.  We put in maybe an hour at the hotel and then decided to do an early dinner and walked over to the Waffle House and had dinner there.  It was nearly empty.

After dinner, straight back to the hotel and we worked until around one in the morning.  We have a big presentation at eight in the morning so need to get a little sleep before it is time for that.