October 3, 2017: Day Two

DuoLingo Streak: 31 Days

Tuesday.  Day two officially on the job.  Today went quite well.  We started in the hotel and caught a ride into the office.  Very busy morning of work.

For lunch Jeremy and I walked over to Panda Express and ate too much Americanized Chinese food.  Then we hit McDonald’s again for coffee.  It smelled just terrible again today.  How can it keep smelling like this every day?

We got to show off some of our progress early this afternoon which seemed to go over quite well.

We worked till around five, then caught a ride back to the hotel, where we worked for several more hours before doing out to walk to Del Taco again.  It is just too handy.  So fish tacos again tonight.

We hit the gas station on the way back and got some beers to have at the hotel.

Got some awesome news tonight, things are going really, really well out here.  I talked to Dominica tonight and we stayed on the phone long enough to wish each other a happy anniversary before turning in.

Worked until the wee hours of the morning.  We were both really exhausted when we finally crashed.