October 6, 2017: Alone in the Office

DuoLingo Streak: 34 Days

Friday.  I can’t believe that I have been out here in Arizona for an entire week already!  I am really missing the family.  Only the weekend left until I head for home in the wee hours of Monday morning.  I only get a very short time at home with the family, but at least I will see them a little.

I slept for nine hours last night, Jeremy slept for more than ten!  Apparently we have been getting worn out.  So I was up by six thirty and he was up around seven thirty.

At a quarter to eight we got breakfast in the hotel.  Our normal ride to the office was going to be late today, so we decided to work from the hotel for a bit this morning, as well.  Just made sense.  So we got a nice, slow start to the day.

At ten thirty Jeremy decided that he wanted to use the big, new monitor in the office so we packed up and walked in.  It is nearly two miles of walking in the Arizona heat.  It wasn’t too bad yet but an hour later it was going to be really hot, so we got moving right away.

We stopped at the gas station, got waters, and headed out.  About halfway to the office I twisted by foot on the side of the sidewalk and fell, which really sucked.  Cut my knee and hand a little.  Nothing bad, mostly just embarrassing.

Just two minutes later, I nearly fell again when a lizard shot out from the side of the sidewalk and went directly under my foot as I was about to put it down.  I had to do some fancy footwork to keep from stepping on it.

It was eleven thirty when we got into the office.  We cleaned up as it had been a decently hot walk.  We found the office totally empty.  So we at least have the place to ourselves.  So the air conditioning got cranked up and we got to work.

Dominica has been promising the girls that they would go to see the new My Little Pony movie in the movie theater today.  So they went this afternoon and Dominica splurged on the collector’s edition popcorn container and cups.  They got there early and managed to get the best seats in the house, front row in the center of the balcony.  So even Luciana has an unobstructed view.

Luciana, Liesl, and Dominica Watching My Little Pony at Lewisville Mall

Surprisingly, we got the office to ourselves for quite some time.  We had been sure that at least one or two people would have been in the office when we got there.  But getting a lot of time to ourselves was pretty surprising.

For lunch this afternoon, we walked over to Firehouse Subs and got food to go to take back to the office so that we could continue working.  The office remained empty until around two when one person made a ten minute showing, popping in and then leaving again.  So by just after two, the office was once again empty.  Good for being productive, at least. Absolutely no interruptions.

Between working late on Wednesday and pulling a full day in the office today with no one else here, we figure that we are almost exactly double the total office time that anyone else has put in while we are here.

I’ve gotten SGL caught up a bit more, today.  I now have all of June, 2017 completed and have begun working on July.  The less that I am behind, the better that I feel.  Still two and a half months left to go, early July to the first week of September.  But there are a few weeks of that stretch that are already done.  I am getting there.  I’ve got a process now.

Everyone finally came to the office around six thirty tonight.  So Jeremy and I put in a full day in the office after working from the hotel, before anyone arrived.  It was a long day, with way too much waiting and wondering what was going on.

We had some short meetings at the office, then we went to the condo for drinks.  We tried taking an Uber but the Uber driver never came to the office.  We saw her drive up and down the street but she never pulled in.  I tried to catch up with her, but she went too quickly and even though we were clearly visible and waiting, she never pulled in.  So that didn’t work.

We can back to the hotel, quickly changed, and then went to the condo.  We had drinks there for probably two hours.  Then we hit Star of India for some quick take out and back to the hotel where we ate and watched telenovelas before going to bed on the early side.

The plan is that there will be meetings in the office all weekend.  So we have a busy schedule until we leave for the airport.