November 26, 2017: Liesl’s Last Day of Being Eight

The last day of our Liesl being eight years old!

At nine this evening, when most everyone had gone to bed, Liesl came down and climbed onto the couch with me and said that she wanted to spend the last three hours of being eight to just snuggle with her dad and play Skyrim together.  She is so sweet.

We played for a few hours, then at eleven thirty we got into bed and I read chapters three and four of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.  At midnight, I had been watching my phone to know the time, I added in that the characters in the book told Liesl “Happy Birthday!”.  Liesl thought this was fun and Luciana thought that it was so great that tomorrow she will tell Madeline how much she enjoyed that and how special it was and that she expects something similar for her birthday now.