November 27, 2017: Happy Birthday Liesl!

Our baby turns nine years old today!  How time flies.  She is getting so big, so fast.

I was the first one up this morning.  Luciana slept with us last night because Liesl wanted to sleep alone in the room next to us.  Luciana has been sleeping in our bed all week.

For her birthday, Liesl got Undertale which she has been wanting for a long time.  We are celebrating her birthday tomorrow, but she got this today so that she would have something on her actual birthday.  So far, she loves it.  She is set up in the living room and able to hang out with everyone.

We took an outing this afternoon to go check out the Oculus Rift to see if the kids can use it and if they would like it for Christmas as everyone has been asking for it.  Oculus themselves advertise that the Microsoft Store here in the area is the one and only place that you can check out the Rift, they list it as a demo location.  So we drove to the mall and went to the Microsoft Store.

So it turns out that Microsoft does not honour the agreement with Oculus to allow people to demo the Rift system.  They sell it, but they will not allow anyone to see it.  They used to, but they now have a deal with HP to show off some awful laptops instead – as if people need to demo a laptop to know how a laptop works.  Basically, MS has no faith in the Oculus Rift and wants nothing to do with it, to the point of being willing to make people extremely upset with Microsoft in order to not promote it.  The people who worked at the Microsoft Store were totally unhelpful and even said that even back when they did allow people to demo it, as advertised online, that they didn’t allow children to test it, but apparently don’t put that information online so that they can lure more people into their stores.

Microsoft went ridiculously out of their way today to ensure that we were that much more disgusted with how little regard MS has for their customers and how much they laugh at people stupid enough to buy products from them.  I will certainly never make the mistake of thinking the Microsoft Store might be useful ever again.  What a joke.  Both Microsoft and Oculus lost some big sales today.  We won’t really be looking seriously at the Oculus Rift after this.  The HTC Vive seems a lot more logical, now.

So that was hours wasted and everyone was pretty annoyed by the whole experience.  Unbelievable the lengths a company will go to ensure we don’t do business with them.  They had the systems there, but wanted to throw away the sale rather than just be nice people.