November 28, 2017: Liesl’s Birthday Party

This is our last full day in Houston for a couple of weeks, then we will be returning soon for the Christmas holidays.

This morning, Emily got really sick at school and I got to run down to San Leon to pick her up there and bring her back home. She got sick, for real, in class and the nurse not only didn’t let her go home, but forced her to go back to class!  Ridiculous, completely unacceptable for her or for the other students that she would get sick.  Another shiny example of why our kids will not be going to public schools.  Total disregard for the students, for education, for just general ethics. That nurse has no business being allowed around children and none for being in medicine.  That’s not how you treat sick people and you don’t intentionally try to make others sick.  No business would treat employees that way, but the schools could care less about the welfare of these kids.  They don’t even get treated like bad employees.

Got Taco Bell on the way back for breakfast, though.

Tonight is Liesl’s birthday party.  She turned nine yesterday, but we celebrated tonight with the family.

Liesl’s New Undertale Tee Shirt

Liesl got The Sims 4 for her birthday and they played that all evening.