December 28, 2017: Completed Skyrim

Thursday.  Got up and fired up Skyrim on the Steam laptop in our upstairs bedroom.  This is where I will be today.

The kids are all having fun playing with their cousins.  They don’t need us around at all.

Tonight, after a few years of playing and booking about two hundred and seventy total hours against the game, I have “completed” Skyrim.  There are still a lot of side missions and expansions that I can play, and after taking a break I am sure that I will happily return to it and play through them.  I want to get as much out of the game and universe as I can, but I have completed all of the core and main quests and have moved the main story to completion.  Overall, it was pretty good, although I feel like my involvement and interaction with the game world was much too shallow, as is often my complaint in games of this nature.  The whole “I’m a nobody” and a few minutes later “I’m the saviour of the whole world” all combined with “I have no impact on the world and no influence” is too weird.  But the game is overall pretty fantastic and I enjoyed it a lot.