December 29, 2017: Video Gaming Day in Houston

Friday. We are still in Houston, but heading back up to Dallas this weekend as there is a freeze coming and we need to be there to make sure that the pipes do not freeze in the house.

This morning Dominica started playing Dragon Age 2.  Her dad joined us in the upstairs living room at Francesca’s house and we watched her play for a few hours.

Today was a big video gaming day for all of us.  Dominica games almost all day with DA2.  Luciana played Skyrim this evening and managed to level up twice, which is pretty good for her.

Later on this evening, Liesl really wanted to play Minecraft: Story Mode with us watching.  So she started from the beginning and played it in our upstairs bedroom and we watched what we could.  Dominica and I packed while we watched since we will be traveling tomorrow.

The kids are going to stay down here in Houston for the week while Dominica and I go to Dallas to deal with the house.