December 31, 2017: Home in Frozen Dallas

Sunday.  Happy New Years Eve.  The end of an interesting, and challenging, year.  This morning Dominica and I got up to a frozen Dallas landscape.  It was a freezing drizzle this morning leaving us with a car that was coated in ice.

Our house was totally devoid of food or supplies.  Everything that had been here was either consumed by me during my ten day stint alone before traveling down to Houston, or had spoiled during our two weeks down there.  So we had to throw everything that we had out.

So our first order of business was to get out to Walmart and stock the house with supplies so that we could eat.  We were out the door at nine thirty and found Dallas surprisingly deserted.  A truly empty city.  The roads had barely a car on them, which was really nice.  There was ice on the road but we weren’t slipping.  It was fine for driving.  We just had to wait a long time for the car to warm up since it was coated in ice and it isn’t like we have an ice scraper or anything.  This has never happened to us in Dallas, before.

For lunch today, Dominica made a breakfast casserole.  We can eat anything that we want this week while the kids aren’t here to complain about it.

This evening I got Jade Empire working on our NVidia Shield.  It doesn’t have the graphics quality of the game when I play it on our Steam laptop, but I need some games that will work on the Shield so that I can game when the Steam machine is otherwise engages.

Dominica and I watched Are You Being Served? this evening.