December 7, 2017: The Family Heads to Friendswood

DuoLingo Streak: 96 Days

Thursday.  I got up and did some work this morning.  Then around ten in the morning Francesca called and asked Dominica to come down to Houston and help out with Christmas preparations.

So we raced all morning, me trying to get enough work done that I would be able to leave to drive them down.  And Dominica to get the kids ready and packed.

We managed to do it and at around one we headed south and Francesca headed north and we met around halfway so that we could transfer Dominica and the girls, and I could drive back to Dallas.  So it was a busy day of driving.

Francesca remembered to grab one more piece of our couch so I was able to haul that back up to Dallas with me.  We now have just one piece left to go before we have it all back up with us.

I got home just a few minutes after the family arrived in Houston.  It was dark out when I got home.

So it was a quiet evening at home alone for me.  It got quite cold tonight.  The kids took the Steam laptop with them so I am basically without video games for the week, which is kind of sad as when they are gone is the one time that I really get into playing video games.  So I’m left with far less to do that I would normally be doing.