December 8, 2017: Snow Covered Southern Texas

DuoLingo Streak: 97 Days

Friday.  Late last night and early this morning, snow fell all over the southern United States in places that never, ever get snow including nearly all of southern Texas including Houston, Galveston, Austin, and San Antonio; but oddly, not in Dallas which gets snow every year.  It was just too dry up here, I guess.  Down in Friendswood, everyone was up and making snowmen in the wee hours of the morning.  I’m not sure if any of the family has ever seen snow down there before and there was a lot of it today.  Enough to go out and play in.

The roads stayed clear, though, so even with this crazy weather they still had school which surprised me as even heavy rain can bring the region to a standstill.

I spent much of the day on the phone today working on one project or another.  I tried to do some work for my YouTube channel today, but my camera battery for the Lumix died the moment that I tried to get started.  So that did not happen.  I only have the one as all of the off-brand batteries that we bought are totally useless and don’t get even one minute of power once charged.  So I have to work from the one, good, Panasonic brand battery.  So the day was lost for that.

This evening I went up to the Dallas Brewing Company in The Colony and had a couple of beers.  Stefany is working up there now and I’ve not seen her in a year.  The DBC has a nice outdoor seating area that is perfect for chilly Dallas nights with a big fireplace and is full of dogs to play with.

Actually had to turn on the heat tonight.  Only a tiny bit, but it was pretty cold in the house.