January 22, 2018: Getting Ready for Marketing

Monday. Just normal work today.  Yesterday’s meeting and waiting for a follow up meeting tomorrow (which I strongly suspected is made up and no one plans to attend, as per form) makes today a generally stressful day.  No word on progress on the house yet, either.

I put in a full day preparing for marketing stuff to do tomorrow, continuing on the work that I was doing since Friday.  I’ve learned so much about what is currently going on in Wyoming and Niagara Counties, back home, this week.  It was a bit nostalgic researching street by street back home.

That was the bulk of my day.  I worked into the evening on that.  Dominica has been watching The Facts of Life on her own when she has time.  When together, we’ve been slowly working our way through The Thin Blue Line, the 1990’s BBC sitcom that we watch together every few years.