January 23, 2018: Only One in the Meeting

Tuesday. So after my meeting on Sunday to find out why I was not getting paid for over four months of work, we were supposed to have a meeting today with everyone involved to go over the situation.  But, as expected, no one that was supposed to attend the meeting showed up.  Same pattern as always, it is just a stalling tactic.  This is a perfect example of how everything that they are claiming is exactly the opposite of reality.  There is no question that it has been a scam all along and they never had any possibility of running  a real business.  No one can even be bothered to show up to work.

So after calling, emailing, texting all day and finding out that not only did they not show up for the meeting, but had shot off their phones, too, there was nothing to do but put in a call to the state and discuss my legal options for dealing with months of missing pay.  The conversation with the state went really well and they felt, at least by the quick conversation on the phone, that it was an open and shut case and that there was zero grounds for them not paying and that they would have no problem collecting from a company, even one located overseas.  The state did recommend to me to file a report with the Department of Homeland Security about the situation, as it was an obvious scam and they had admitted to me that they had set the whole thing up with the intention of never paying me from the beginning (a surprising thing to have admitted) which means that they admitted to at least a portion of the situation having been an attempt to defraud from day one.

So that was my day, mostly dealing with stress and problems with the job.  At least we have closure that it is absolutely over and done as far as the work goes.  But, now dealing with getting paid is already turned into a nightmare and it has only just begun.  At least the state feeling super confident that there was nothing at all to worry about is a good step in the right direction.

This evening we decided to start watching the Harry Potter movies on HBO Go together as a family.  We are starting at the beginning and going to work our way through them since they are all available currently on HBO Go.  So tonight was Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone.

The girls were very much not impressed by how inaccurate and sloppy the movie was and the ridiculous amount of stuff that was cut out of the book to make it all fit.  Going back now, having just read the books, the movie feels so incredibly rushed and does not convey any of the way that the book makes you feel.  The focus is on so much goofy action, Jason and the Argonauts style special effects, and scenery that the characters and the mood are totally lost.

After our movie, it was time for reading.  The girls and I are still working our way through the sixth book in the series, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.  They are loving it.  We’ve got only a handful of chapters left to read in it after tonight.