February 2, 2018: Starting the Lord of the Rings

Friday. Just a normal work day today. Was productive, but things were slow, which was nice.  Wasn’t too stressful, which was good as there are so many other things to take care of.

The cleaners were at the house in Peekskill today all day getting it cleaned and cleared out and the last remaining broken things fixed around the house.  In theory, we get to set the closing date on Monday.

Dominica and I have finally gotten around to catching up on Sherlock on Netflix.  We are ready for season four, after today.

This evening, we decided to make a movie night of it.  Luciana saw The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring on Netflix and asked if we could watch it.  Dominica and I had already decided that we wanted to just make it an easy night of Domino’s pizza, so that fit well.

So we set up the living room, I added a box of firewood under the television on the hearth so that it would be at a proper viewing level, and we fired up the movie, ordered our pizza, and settled in for a nice evening.

The girls really liked the movie. Unfortunately, only the first one of the trilogy is available on Netflix right now, so we can’t continue the series.