February 3, 2018: Lord of the Rings Marathon for Liesl

It’s the weekend.  Liesl got up and played Steam the moment that she was out of bed.

This afternoon I ran to the library here in Carrollton and borrowed the other two Lord of the Rings movies that we had not seen yet just before the library closed.  It’s great, they have a decent movie selection there.  We’ve never used the library for movies before.  It’s a very cool idea.  Dominica has recently started using them for audio books, too, although we are having terrible luck with those as the CDs are so abused that they tend not to work.

So this evening turned into a Lord of the Rings evening.  Luciana decided that she didn’t want to watch with us, so is saving watching the movies for some other time.

Liesl had to watch the last half of an hour of The Fellowship of the Ring because she had missed it last night.  Then we went directly into The Two Towers.  After that, Liesl still wanted to keep watching, so we sat and watched The Return of the King as well.  Liesl nearly did a full Lord of the Rings marathon as a nine year old!  Not many can do that. She did manage to do it in two days, but nearly all in one.  But it wasn’t the extended editions, which we have in storage somewhere.  Sometime we will do it all again with those.