February 21, 2018: Worried About the Rain in Dallas

Wednesday. Our time in Norcross is going by pretty quickly.  Originally spending two weeks here felt like it was going to be a really long time, but in reality it is flying by like nothing.  The hotel has been so nice and comfortable that we haven’t noticed at all that we are “stuck” living in it.  It’s like just another place among our journeys, now.  The girls have really settled into the hotel and are enjoying it.  They really like their room and space, how it is separated from ours.

I had breakfast at the hotel, like usual, before going into the office. Breakfast: Swiss and chive scrambled eggs, rosemary potatoes and apple turnover.

Another good day in the office.  For lunch today, it was salmon in a cream sauce, very delicious.

Dinner was just whatever was available on happy hour in the hotel.  They put on a good spread considering that it is free.  Staying at the Homewood Suites means that we have seven breakfasts, four dinners (Monday through Thursday), all of our coffee, and all of our wine handled each week.  That adds up and shows a lot of value in staying here.  Figure breakfast is worth four dollars, dinner five, coffee another two, and wine another two and that comes out to thirteen dollars, per day, of food value alone from the hotel.  And that’s being pretty conservative.  Even if we were making Keurig coffee, the coffee we drink would cost more than two dollars a day.  And even drinking cheap Aldi box wine, the wine we drink would be more than two dollars a day.  And the thirteen dollars is really more appropriate as a per person cost.  When you consider that it is a family of four and that eleven meals a week turns into forty-four meals a week that are included with our hotel room costs!  So figure that a far more realistic food value of twenty to thirty five dollars is what it should be, and then consider that our hotel is only one hundred and eleven dollars, and it is really obvious that it is a really good deal!

We have been hearing terrible stories of the amount of rain that has been coming down in Dallas the past few days and are really worried about the state of our house there.  No one nearby has a key.  We have people with keys, and people near the house that are willing to go check on it for us, but no way to put the two groups of people together, which is a pretty major problem.  The rain has been intense, we are told, and we can only expect that the house has flooded.  We can check our Ecobee and see from that that the house is warm, the power, and the Internet are both on.  So at least we know that it has not flooded to the point of shorting out the electric, or that a fire has not burned down the house.  But that is about it, I’m afraid.  We are pretty much in the dark.

High on my priority list, I think, for the house now is to install a security camera system of some sort so that we have some means of monitoring the house when we are not around. Even something really simple would have been really important this week.

We watched some more of MacGyver in the hotel.  Such a good, classic show.