February 24, 2018: Getting Home First Time ’18

Saturday. We were not in any big rush to get out the door this morning.  I woke up around eight and took my time showering and getting ready.  The family was very tired and enjoying our night at the comfortable Hilton Garden Inn in West Virginia.  So it was after nine when I got Dominica up and we got the room packed and the kids ready.

It was overcast and raining when we set off, but not raining hard.  We grabbed Taco Bell before we left the town that we stayed in overnight and we were on the road north.

We made good time today, it is only about six hours from northern West Virginia to my dad’s place.  It was roughly ten in the morning when we were really on the road and we expected to arrive at about four in the afternoon.  An easy day.

We made it home in the middle of the afternoon.  Glad for an easy drive.  The girls were so excited to get home to grandpa’s house.

Playing Games with Grandpa

We ordered in pizza from Papa Roni’s, of course.  Always the first meal that we are looking forward to when we get back home to New York!