February 26, 2018: Working from Geneseo

Monday. I started my day by installing PC Linux OS, which I have never used before.  Testing for SodiumSuite has me working with so many OS variations that I have never touched before.  I’m getting quite the survey of the market, for sure.

I started using MongoDB Compass today and absolutely love it.  What a great tool for those of us that have to work with MongoDB all of the time.  This is going to make my life so much easier.

This afternoon the girls wanted to eat at Denny’s in Geneseo and there were some errands to run.  So dad and Dominica dropped me off at Tim Horton’s in front of Walmart and I got on the wifi and worked from there with some coffee while they did some shopping.  When they were all done, maybe after an hour or so, they picked me up and we all went over to Denny’s.

This evening, back at dad’s, we watched Table 19, which was pretty decent.