February 27, 2018: National Pancake Day

Tuesday. We started the day with packing up the family into the Qwest, driving down to Leicester to meet up with Aunt Sharon and Uncle Leo, and driving down to Short Track in Allegheny County to go to the Cartwright’s Maple Tree Inn, the famous destination for real maple and buckwheat pancakes.

Heading Out for Pancakes

We arrived around eleven and the line was insane.  They can seat a crazy number of people in the Inn so they moved decently quickly but we were not expected this number of people this morning.  Of course, later today I would find out that today is National Pancake Day, so maybe that influenced the lines in some way.  Although I rather doubt that anyone else knew that it was National Pancake Day, either.

The food was great.  The kids were not that into it, though.  They like more modern pancakes not the buckwheat kind.  I prefer these classics, personally, and had quite a few.

It was a long drive home and we had to rush because I had a meeting with Max to discuss the presentation that I will be making in California next week.  It seems like a long way away, ten days at least, but we have so much to do between now and then that there really isn’t any free time for me to be working on a presentation before then.  As it is, we are going to be rushing to get back to Texas in order for me to make my flight out to California!


Tonight, Dominica made a tuna casserole and to make Liesl happy we all moved into the basement while we had dinner and watched The Emoji Movie which was awful, just like everyone has been saying that it was.  It was bearable, but not good.  It made her very happy for us to all watch it with her, though.  She’s seen it a few times already, since it is on Netflix, but she really likes sharing movies with us as a family.