February 7, 2018: Homeschool Book Club

Wednesday.  Quite cold in Dallas this morning.  We had freezing rain last night and everything is frozen this morning.

First thing this afternoon, the girls had their first time going to a homeschool book club at the Carrollton Public Library.  They are a bit excited, a chance to make friends their own age that they should be able to see reliably over and over again.  We’ve been making use of the library more and more and this is an awesome chance to really leverage it for something awesome.  We are very hopeful that this will be really good for the girls.

The book club went well.  They made new friends and had a good time.  They have books picked out for next time and they are supposed to come back in a month and give a book report on the books that they are reading now.

We have upcoming travel scheduled, but we are making it all fit so that we are back in town just in time for the girls to make it to their next book club.  We think that this is going to work out really well.

We watched more Altered Carbon tonight.  Good show, glad that Netflix is able to make this stuff.