February 8, 2018: Civil Disobedience

Thursday.  Started the day off with lots of phone calls.  So my morning was spent in the office pretty solidly.

It was an extremely busy day in the office and no time for me even to handle normal email management tasks.  I was swamped and had to work late into the evening.

Thanks to dad and aunt Sharon doing research, we’ve found that I had a great, great… uncle who was imprisoned and Leavenworth and killed for being a conscientious objector during World War 1.  He is in the book Civil Disobedience and written about several times in different sources.  And it turns out that late last year he was finally added to the World War 1 National War Memorial in Kansas.

I made veggie BLTs for dinner tonight. We are nearing the end of Altered Carbon on Netflix, we’ve enjoyed it a lot.