March 10, 2018: Returning from San Jose to Dallas

Saturday. Good morning from the Embassy Suites in San Jose, California.  I was up at a good time this morning.  No luck on shifting this cough, though.  I went down early to the restaurant and had tea and a bite to eat.  Max came down a bit later and eventually Anton joined us.

We hung out for probably two hours in the restaurant and had our breakfast and I charged my phone while down there.  Then up to our rooms and packed up.

The original plan was to leave the hotel at just before ten as my flight was just before noon.  But I got delayed by a bit so did not need to leave until a quarter after ten.

San Jose airport is so easy to deal with.  I checked my luggage and was right through security.  Turns out I could have skipped checking the luggage this time, this airplane was essentially empty.  But the last one was completely full. There is no guessing.

I was right through security, nice and easy, and had loads of time to wonder about the airport.  We boarded at 12:45, about an hour late.  We got off of the ground and the pilot put the pedal down.  The flight that was supposed to be three and a half hours was done in two hours and forty minutes, not even enough time for the short in flight Disney movie, Coco, to finish (which is good that I didn’t try to watch it, then.)  We went so fast that we made up for all of the delay and landed early!

Dominica and the girls picked me up.  It was about six when we I got in.

On the way home we hit the pharmacy for some medicine.  Dominica is not feeling well either and I’m worse now having flown again.  That does not improve things.

Then we stopped at China One, our usual Chinese place that we normally get to deliver, and ordered our dinner so that we could just take it home with us.  That saves about ten dollars between not paying the delivery fee or the tip.

We took our Chinese dinner home and the girls just watched YouTube while Dominica and I watched some Allo, Allo on Netflix.  It was well after seven by the time that we got home, easily almost eight by the time that we managed to sit down and eat.

I was pretty worn out and was in bed before eleven, which is pretty early for me.  The family is supposed to be going to Houston tomorrow where they will be staying for the week.  So we have to get up and get driving tomorrow.  Then I am going to be home alone for an entire week to, in theory, catch up on work that needs to be done.  Mostly development work.